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Cough Drops in School

It's cough and cold season and the question arises about the use of cough drops in school.

  • Cough drops with active ingredients such as Cepacol, Sucrets, Vicks, Chloroseptic, Robitussin Liqui-center, etc. that are to given at specific time intervals or have a maximum dose within 24 hours need to be treated as over-the-counter medications and kept in the clinic with written parental permission. 

  • Non-medicated cough drops such as Ludens, Halls, etc. may also be kept in the clinic or may be carried by a student only with a parent's written request and the understanding that the responsibility of consumption of the cough drops belongs to the parent and child, not the teacher, nurse, or school. Cough drops can be a choking hazard and the safety of our students is our top priority.

  • Carrying cough drops is a privilege, which can be revoked if the child demonstrates any irresponsible behavior with them or shares them with classmates.