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Superintendent Regulation IIBD provides parents with the option to request limited access to select library materials for instructional use and/or to review library resources intended for instructional purposes. Please note that these requests do not apply to library materials selected by a student outside of an instructional activity. Parents seeking to limit their student's access to library materials outside of an instructional activity should contact the school's library media specialist.

Form I-173: Request for Limited Access to Instructional Library Materials A parent may request to restrict one or more specific library resources (i.e., specific book titles, authors, book series, magazines, or other media).

Form I-174: Permission for Student Checkout of Library Materials for Instructional Purposes A parent may request the opportunity to review library resources prior to student use for instructional purposes (i.e., book report, research project, assigned reading).

Form I-12: Request for Re-evaluation of Instructional Materials and Resources A parent, staff member, or community member may request a reconsideration of library materials within one or more school library collections.